In November WFAA aired a 9 minute story on redlining in Dallas (it may be viewed in full below).

The report contended that residents of South Dallas cannot get loans because 20% of banks in Dallas County ‘redline’ along I-30. It cited a random selection of small Dallas banks (too small to advertise on WFAA or ABC, the way that Chase or another major bank might) that it saw as culprits.

Unfortunately, WFAA’s analysis doesn’t prove that anyone failed to get a loan because of redlining, or that anyone paid any more because of the practice.

Let’s analyze this by assuming, for the sake of argument, that there is just one bank in Dallas. Let’s call it KKK bank…

What has happened to Inc. magazine? it used to be a must-read for startup founders, but this is just PR blabber.

What is Tom Foster’s title in the Wharton PR department?

Andrew Chalk

Based in Dallas, TX, USA. Entrepreneur. Software designer. Wine, food, and travel writer. Ph.D. in Economics. Soccer fanatic.

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